Morning routine 

Hey guys, welcome to the start of my summer series yaay ! So to kick start it off I thought I’d share with you my summer morning routine. This isn’t my typical morning routine as I am currently on summer break so without further ado lets get on with it. 

Wake Up: 

so I don’t have a specific time of when I wake up during summer break as it varies depending on whether I have plans or not. Typicaly I would wake up around 10-11 ish (I like my sleep) The moment I get up I like to give myself some time to completely wake up. I usually go on my phone and check Instagram, snapchat any messages/emails until I finally decide (more like force myself) to get out of bed. I then make my way to the bathroom to brush my teeth and then make my way down stairs to have my breakfast. 

Make Breakfast: 

For breakfast depending on how I’m felling I usually go for a bowl of cereal or if have a bit more time on my hands and I’m slightly more  hungry I will make myself a full English breakfast or on this occasion homemade pancakes with strawberries and Nutella. 

Getting Ready For The Day: 

So when I have a lot more time on my hands which I usually do in the holidays I like to take my time getting dressed (and I mean really take my time) I do my everyday skincare and makeup routine whilst listening to some music then stopping half way to go on my phone (probably explains why I take so long) followed by picking out my outfit for the day which again always seems to be a struggle. The outfit of that day consisted of a v neck top, paired with some ripped jeans and a cardigan on top. As for accesories I paired it with some nude ballerina lace up shoes and a pretty pink and cream necklace. 

I then like to jot anything down that I need to do for the day or arrange plans for the day. 

And there you have it my morning routine I hope you guys all liked it and don’t forget to like, comment and follow for more. 

Happy Reading! 



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