Cailyn Extreme Matte Tint Review and kylie lip kit dupes? 




Hi Guys,

Today I’m doing a review on some liquid lipsticks from the brand Cailyn. I personally had never heard of this brand before but these liquid lipsticks are quite popular. I received these in my love me beauty subscription box which you can view . So without further ad0 lets get on with the review.


They both came in individual boxes as you can see in the picture above. All the information like the ingrediants and how to apply were all written on the box including details on what the product actually is. I liked the packaging as most of the liquid lipsticks I own all came with nothing but a plastic film around them.


I actually received this in a subscription box so I did not pay for it individually. However the actual price on their website is $19 which is equivalent to £13.44


This is a very pigmented product which literally dosent budge. Its very liquidy or watery compares to other liquid lipsticks but the colour payoff is great. This product is waterproof and the struggle of taking this off your lips is real😁, trust me it took a while. Therefore its good for those of you who want a long lasting lip product that will last all day. It feels very nice on the lips which is not sticky and its extremely matte which I love. They have a great selection of colours. I received two colours one in an orangey red which I love and a another in a very deep brown. The two colours I received are great dupes for kylie jenners lipkits in the colours 22 and truebrown k .


(Swatches done by me)

(Kylie Jenner lip kit swatches not my own)

As you can see theirs a lot of similarities between the two and the cailyn liquid lipsticks are slightly cheaper then the kylie Jenner lip kits.

 Here’s a picture of me wearing modernist on my lips.
Overall I did really like these liquid lipsticks apart from the fact that they are really tough to remove. Also the swatches on their website are very different to the actual colour so just be weary before you buy one. Other then that it is a great product which I would recommend to all.

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