January 2016 Favourites

DSCN0572Hi guys,

Today I have my favourites from the month of January, can you believe were already in February last month went waaaay to fast. The picture above shows my favourite products that I used throughout January so without further ado lets get on with it.

Johnsons baby jelly:

So you might find this a weird one but it has been a life savour this month. I have been using this to get rid of and moisturise my dry skin. Trust me it works wonders. Its basically this jelly like cream which can be used all over the body to keep it moisturised.

Nicki Minaj- Minajesty Body Cream:

So usually when I buy perfume gift sets I always tend to use the perfume and completely forget about the creams/shower gels it comes with. After recently discovering I have soo many of these perfume gift set creams I decided to make use of them. My favourite this month being the Nicki Minaj one has been great to use on my hands and on the go. I just pop it in my bag and I’m ready to go knowing I will be able to moisturise my hands throughout the day. Did I forget to mention it smells amaaazing.

Macadamia Oil Extract Hair Mask:

This month I’ve been searching for hair products that will help repair damage after using heat. I found this macadamia one which has been great and just makes my hair feel smooth and healthy. I’ve been applying it to only to my ends, once a week and I have definitely noticed the different not only has it made my hair healthier but I’ve also noticed hair growth to.

Parlour By Jeff Chastain- Blow Out Spray:

I actually received this product from one of my birch boxes but never really used it much until now. This product is great at adding that extra volume and bounce to your hair. It also works at smoothing hair to ensure there’s no frizz or fly away. This has definitely been one if my go to hair products this month.

Liner Effect Mascara- Bourjois :

I have rekindled my love for this mascara. I actually used to use this religiously once upon a time but then I kind of forgot about it until I rediscovered it again. This has also been a go to product for me. Top liner would be the one thing I would apply everyday without fail but after using this mascara I haven’t had to apply it as this mascara basically does the job for more. As the name suggests liner effect once applied it gives you that full effect as if you have applied some sort of liner, when you actually haven’t. This has been a total time saver and makes my lashes incredibly long (I’ve actually been asked by others if I’m wearing fake eyelashes when in fact its just this mascara.

MAC- Spiked Eyebrow pencil:

I’ve absolutely been loving this eyebrow pencil this month and it has taken over my love for brow powders. I love how precise it is and so easy to apply. Although it is more on the pricey side it is a great product that will last you long.

Nude Lipsticks:

So seeing its winter many people have been leaning towards the dark lip trend, but not me. Don’t get me wrong I love a good dark lip but for some reason I’ve been obsessing over nude/mauve colours. This is probably due to the fact that their more wearable for me on a day to day basis as dark colours would be a bit much to wear to college. Some of my favourites are:

Sleek Matte Me- Birthday suit.                                                                                                   Rimmel Kate Moss- 08                                                                                                                MUA Velvet- SPRY                                                                                                                       MAC- Whirl

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Happy Reading!




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