Winter Wardrobe Essentials ❄️


Hi lovelies,

Today I’m going to be sharing with you some of my winter wardrobe essentials that are essential for me to have during winter. You may have different ones but these are some of the pieces that I managed to select from my wardrobe, so lets get on with it!

First up jumpers! jumpers are definitely a big essential for me and probably for you guys to especially to keep us warm through these cold months.  From khaki to maroon, oversized or cropped, jumpers are great to pair with pretty much anything whether it be jeans, leggings or skirts.

Next polo or turtle necks. I feel like these have been really popular this winter especially  those of ribbed material. My favourite thing to do is wear them with blazers or with it tucked in a skater skirt as shown here in one of my ootds

Statement Necklaces! My absolute favourite and pretty much my essential all year round (stay tuned for a statement necklace collection, I have a bit of an obsession😁) these can be paired with jumpers and basically everything and just put the whole outfit together.

Next up woolly scarfs. Whether it be circle scarfs or snoods as they call them or thick tartan scarfs. Not only does it look good and adds something to an outfit it also keeps me extremely warm.

Last but not least boots. I have quite a collection of different ones maroon fringe ones, tan coloured, knee highs and heeled. They are great to pair with almost every outfit.

Happy Reading!

What are some of your winter wardrobe essentials?

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