Boxing day/collective haul

Hi lovelies,

hope you had a lovely day (only 2 days till the new year😁) Today I thought id share with you some of the things that I picked over the past few days. on boxing day itself I did not purchase any clothes which is a shocker and I was actually quite proud of myself. However it didn’t last long as I got tempted by online sales and also went shopping a few days later and therefore this post was created.

so I’m going to start of with the online sales. I shopped from  and new look online. From boohoo  I bought two things:

BeFunky Collage haul(on the right picture taken by me, picture on left not my own) firstly I bought this long grey ribbed cardigan which was on sale for £12 and I got it in a size 10 as it is quite tight fitting. excuse the blurriness but I wanted to show you guys how it looked online and in person.

boohoo.jpg(Picture on right not my own) from boohoo I bought this loose navy batwing cardigan which has a slight slit on both sides. it was also on sale for £12 and I got it in the size s/m.

From newlook online i bought one thing:

DSCN0387.JPGIt is this big maroon with black straps and gold detailing tote bag. I bought this as I thought it would be perfect for college and I am in need of a big bag to carry folders. This was on sale for £7

Now for what I bought from the new look store :

DSCN0369Firstly this pair of maroon wedges which are wide fit and from the comfort range. it was on sale for only £11 what a bargain!

DSCN0333.JPGNext I purchased a khaki jumper which wasn’t on sale but i have wanted a jumper in this colour for a while. It was £7.99 which i think is a great price for a jumper and it is extremely comfy and warm.

DSCN0367.JPGNext I picked up this lovely red/maroon sleeveless top that has lace at the top and small studs. This was on sale and was only £12.

DSCN0368.JPGThis next item (sorry for the poor picture quality) is actually a waterfall cardigan in a grey and black colour. it looks great once on (I’ll try doing a try on haul for you guys next time) and was on sale for £10.

DSCN0370.JPGLastly I bought this camel coloured shawl/cape with fringe at the bottom and these are quite popular nowadays. Mine was on sale for only £8 which yet again is a great bargain.

The last shop I visited was next and I purchased one thing:

fringe bag.jpgIt is this lovely cream fringe side bag with a long strap and was on sale for £15 which is quite good for next.

So that’s all for what I bought from the sales this year if you feel like going on a shopping spree definitely go and check the sales out before they end and if you have any questions regarding my haul feel free to ask. let me know if you picked up any bargains this year?

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Happy reading !!!

shelina xxx











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