Clothes show live experience & haul 

BeFunky Collage.pngHi lovelies,

Hope your day is going well. Firstly I apologise for not posting for quite some while and skipping my routine of posting on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday but let’s just say college got in the way with mocks and everything.

So last weekend I went to NEC Birmingham to attend clothes show live!!! This was my fourth year going and is the one thing I look forward to each year. Today’s post will be long( I apologise for that) but theirs just sooo much to say. This post will be full of pics and videos and a haul at the end so keep on reading.

 Here is a few clips from the fashion show and of course the amazing Charliexcx performing.

Now for the haul. I must admit to buying a lot this year but it was just sooo tempting 😁



DSCN0171first up two pairs of false lashes from the brand kiss which was 2 for £5

DSCN0172.JPGThe one purchase im over the moon with is NYX!!! the que was sooo big but I managed to get through in the end. I bought three matte lipcreams in Monte Carlo, San Paulo and Addis Ababa . I also bougth a matte lipstick in Natural a lip pencil in fuchsia and a lip primer. stay tuned for a review and swatches.

DSCN0179.JPGI also managed to get my hands on some lip laquers from Kardashian beauty one in the colour Shocking pink and the other in Rose Parade. They were 2 for £5 and I am hopefully going to be doing a review vey soon.

DSCN0183.JPGI also bought two brush sets from the brand Lab 2. They were a really reasonable price with both sets for £24. I cant wait to try them and stay tuned for a review on these to.

DSCN0184.JPGNext up are these lovely W7 eyeshadow palettes ( and boy don’t they look like dupes for the naked palettes) the palettes I bougth were : in the buff, lightly toasted and in the night. At 3 palettes for £10 you really cant go wrong.

DSCN0186.JPGNext up is Barry M. I picked up 2 palettes for £10 the natural glow palette and chisel cheeks contour cheek which I have been dying to dry and the I just picked up a sharpener.

DSCN0191.JPGI also picked up the Rimmel goody bag for £10 where I received these is items. we wee able to choose between three collections and I picked the disco collection.

DSCN0206.JPGWe then came across a stall which was selling all jewellery for £1 yes you read right ONLY £1!!! BARGAIN

DSCN0212.JPGNow for clothing. So usually I tend to but loadsss of clothing but this year I didn’t get much. The maroon top that came with a necklace was £5. I then picked up a lovely warm tartan print scarf which seems to be popular nowadays and that was £8. Lastly I picked up a pair of maroon suede fringe ankle boots. They also have fur inside it and are literally sooo warm.

DSCN0190.JPGLast but not least I picked up the cosmopolitan magazine goody bag which I get every year without fail. It included two of the latest issues of Cosmo and an Elle magazine. They also threw in a beauty product and I received a red nail polish from Orly.

I hope you enjoyed reading this as I’ve never done a haul post before but hopefully I will do another one soon as I’m forever shopping😁 .Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post as I will now be following my usual post routine again.

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