Battle of the brands-Mua velvet lip laquer vs makeup revolution 

  Hi lovelies, 
Happy 1st of November, only one more month to the end of the year😁. So a couple of days ago I visited superdrug (UK drugstore) and picked up two Mua whipped velvet lip laquer and a makeup revolution salvation velvet laquer. Lip laquers seem to be quite popular at the moment and I’m definitely loving them. I can’t wait for kylies lip kit to come out #lipjunkie. Anyway let’s get back to the review.                 

 Here are the swatches of the lip laquers. Let’s start off with packaging. So as far as pavkaging goes I like them both but theirs something about the makeup revolution one slightly better. The clear acrylic tube with gold lettering and a shiny black top makes the appearance look really classy and a lot more expensive then what I really paid. 

Price:                                                         Mua luxe whipped velvet-£3               Makeup revolution salvation velvet laquer-£3                                                   They are both completely worth it for this price 

Now the actual product itself 

Makeup revolution:                                  Firstly it’s extremely pigmented as you can see from the swatch (dark pink one) it’s easy to apply but not as easy to take off. However one downfall is that when applied it felt slightly sticky on my lips and this also made it hard to remove.overall it’s still a good product ecspecially for the price and the pigmentation is really good as well as long lasting.

Mua:                                                            They are both extremely pigmented ecspecially majestic(red one)as well as this they are extremely smooth and doesn’t dry out your lips it feels as if you’ve applied a really moisturising lip balm on your lips and I absolutely love this. The only downfall is that it doesn’t last as long as the makeup revolution one but I would still recommend this and for this price it’s totally worth it. 

Verdict:                                                             Personally I love both but if I had to go with one it would be Mua. This is purely because of how it feels on my lips. I am one who suffers with extremely dry lips and this product did not dry out my lips one bit and even though it doesn’t last as long I would rather reapply it then having my lips dry out with the makeup revolution. However if you are liking for a long lasting pigmented one I would go for makeup revolution. 

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