Trip to London and ootd 

 Hi lovelies ,
So it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on my blog but I am now making it my goal to post as frequently as possible before I go back to school (nooooo😭) Having said that I will also be dedicating a week specially to back to school posts so stay tuned. 

Anyway  enough with the rambling today I thought I’d share with you the only photo I managed to capture of my outfit during my 3 days stay at London. London as always was amazing but extremely busy and we managed to get a lot done in the short space of time we had their. This included a trip up the London eye where the views of the city where breathtaking as well seeing the lit up city at night . We then took a trip to Madame Tussaud’s, Harrods and many other iconic places to visit in London.  

 Now as for my outfit I wanted to go for something that was comfortable yet put together as I knew this would be a day full of excursions and and lots of walking. 

Blouse/top: new look                              Jeans: new look                                        Shoes: white converses                          Hat and necklace: primark                   Blazer: local clothes shop 

What have you guys been upto this holidays?                                               Don’t forget to comment, follow and share 



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