I’m back !!! +dusty pink ootd 🌸

Hi guys ,

So it’s been absolutely ages since I last posted on this blog and by ages I mean over a year 😬 I know it’s crazy how fast a year can go by but I assure you I’m back and ready to produce regular content again 😊

Loads of things about me has changed over this past year including my fashion taste and style so look forward to some many new different types of post.

Anyway without me rambling on I thought I’d make my comeback with an outfit post. I absolutely love this outfit and the colour combination of dusty pink. This outfit is great as both a casual and going out kind of outfit. I actually wore this to a friends birthday party as the theme was pink.

blouse and duster coat : primark

Jeans : new look

Shoes : public desire

Happy reading xxx

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Shelina xxx


My Makeup Routine 


Hi guys,

Today I thought I’d share with you my make up routine which I typically wear most days( when I feel like wearing makeup that is) My makeup routine Is pretty straight forward and extremely affordable using mostly drugstore products, so without further ado lets get on with it 👉


So to start off as most people would do I apply my moisturiser and let that fully sink into my skin. I then go on to apply some BB cream I like to use Garnier BB cream in the colour medium all over my face and then Rimmels matte BB cream in light under my eyes to brighten them slightly. I then go ahead and set it all with Rimmel stay matte powder and apply a blush to my cheeks my favourite being sleeks suede and makeup revolutions Now blush. On days where I feel my face looks a bit pale or I need a bit more colour I will apply a matte bronzer on the hollows of my cheeks where one would contour usually.


As for eyes I usually like to start of with a nude eyeliner on my waterline and tearduct  I use Rimmel scandal eyes in nude. I then apply a highlight on my tearduct and brow bone before going on and curling my lashes and applying a few coats of mascara (too many for my own good😁) my current mascara is loreal telescopic which gives you amazingly long lashes. On some days I will go ahead and apply some top liner and if I’m feeling it I will add a wing but currently I’ve been loving to keep it simple with just long lashes. One tip of mine to get long curled lashes is to heat up an eyelash curler with a hair dryer let it cool so it doesn’t burn you and then go ahead and curl my lashes. This helps to keep lashes curled for longer and ensure curled lashes don’t drop.


For brows I keep it simple. To keep them in place I use Rimmel brow this way clear brow gel and on days when I want them more defined I will use a brow powder to fill in any sparce areas.

Lips :

As for lips I will just go and apply any lipcolour that I feel like wearing nowadays I’m loving nude/mauve and brown colours. Some days I will apply a lip liner by itself my favourite is primarks lip liner which I literally wear almost everyday as its a beautiful pinky nude.

Their you have it my makeup routine hopefully it was straight forward for guys it usually takes me around 10-15 mins to do when I’m not taking my time as I usually do.

Happy Reading!

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Morning routine 

Hey guys, welcome to the start of my summer series yaay ! So to kick start it off I thought I’d share with you my summer morning routine. This isn’t my typical morning routine as I am currently on summer break so without further ado lets get on with it. 

Wake Up: 

so I don’t have a specific time of when I wake up during summer break as it varies depending on whether I have plans or not. Typicaly I would wake up around 10-11 ish (I like my sleep) The moment I get up I like to give myself some time to completely wake up. I usually go on my phone and check Instagram, snapchat any messages/emails until I finally decide (more like force myself) to get out of bed. I then make my way to the bathroom to brush my teeth and then make my way down stairs to have my breakfast. 

Make Breakfast: 

For breakfast depending on how I’m felling I usually go for a bowl of cereal or if have a bit more time on my hands and I’m slightly more  hungry I will make myself a full English breakfast or on this occasion homemade pancakes with strawberries and Nutella. 

Getting Ready For The Day: 

So when I have a lot more time on my hands which I usually do in the holidays I like to take my time getting dressed (and I mean really take my time) I do my everyday skincare and makeup routine whilst listening to some music then stopping half way to go on my phone (probably explains why I take so long) followed by picking out my outfit for the day which again always seems to be a struggle. The outfit of that day consisted of a v neck top, paired with some ripped jeans and a cardigan on top. As for accesories I paired it with some nude ballerina lace up shoes and a pretty pink and cream necklace. 

I then like to jot anything down that I need to do for the day or arrange plans for the day. 

And there you have it my morning routine I hope you guys all liked it and don’t forget to like, comment and follow for more. 

Happy Reading! 


1 Year Blogging Anniversery !!! 🎉🎉🎉

Hi guys, 
I cannot believe that exactly one year from today styleitmywayy was born! It has always been a dream of mine to have a successful blog and even though I’m not quite there yet I am still extremely grateful for what I’ve achieved during this year of blogging. I want to thank all my fellow readers for well , just reading I guess and it excites me everytime I get likes and comments. 

So I know I haven’t posted a blog post for a long time due to my exams but I can now say that I’m officially back and I have a lot more content coming your way kicking it off with my summer series. Again thank you everyone for your support and as always         HAPPY READING ! 



Cailyn Extreme Matte Tint Review and kylie lip kit dupes? 




Hi Guys,

Today I’m doing a review on some liquid lipsticks from the brand Cailyn. I personally had never heard of this brand before but these liquid lipsticks are quite popular. I received these in my love me beauty subscription box which you can view . So without further ad0 lets get on with the review.


They both came in individual boxes as you can see in the picture above. All the information like the ingrediants and how to apply were all written on the box including details on what the product actually is. I liked the packaging as most of the liquid lipsticks I own all came with nothing but a plastic film around them.


I actually received this in a subscription box so I did not pay for it individually. However the actual price on their website is $19 which is equivalent to £13.44


This is a very pigmented product which literally dosent budge. Its very liquidy or watery compares to other liquid lipsticks but the colour payoff is great. This product is waterproof and the struggle of taking this off your lips is real😁, trust me it took a while. Therefore its good for those of you who want a long lasting lip product that will last all day. It feels very nice on the lips which is not sticky and its extremely matte which I love. They have a great selection of colours. I received two colours one in an orangey red which I love and a another in a very deep brown. The two colours I received are great dupes for kylie jenners lipkits in the colours 22 and truebrown k .


(Swatches done by me)

(Kylie Jenner lip kit swatches not my own)

As you can see theirs a lot of similarities between the two and the cailyn liquid lipsticks are slightly cheaper then the kylie Jenner lip kits.

 Here’s a picture of me wearing modernist on my lips.
Overall I did really like these liquid lipsticks apart from the fact that they are really tough to remove. Also the swatches on their website are very different to the actual colour so just be weary before you buy one. Other then that it is a great product which I would recommend to all.

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Love Me Beauty subscription box

love me beauty.jpg

Hi guys,

Hope your all having a great weekend the weather is sooo beautiful for the first time in a long time. Todays post is on a subscription box much like birch box but this one works a bit differently.

Love me beauty works in the same way as birch box where it offers different types of subscriptions either monthly, yearly etc.. However love me beauty works on something called credits. You are given a certain amount of credits each month which you can use on your selected choice of products. For example I subscribed to the monthly package which is £10 a month, with that I was given 60 credits which I could use on my choice of products. They have this thing called ‘the boutique’ which leads you to their beauty products ,hair products and accessories. At the bottom of each product it tells you how many credits its worth and the actual price if you wanted to purchase the product later on. You are also allowed to purchase extra credits if you were after another  product and had used the ones you were given.

My products came within a week of ordering and came in this cute bag as you can see above. With my 60 credits I got 4 products:

Cailyn- Pure Lust Extreme Matte Tint- 20 credits each:


CAILYN Pure Lust Extreme Matte Tint creates a vivid explosion of color on lips with continuous coverage that lasts! A unique infusion delivers a waterproof, non-sticky, matte finish in a single stroke for chic lips. Available in 24 addicting shades.These matte liquid lipsticks retail for $19. I also received them both as a full size product. We all know how obsessed I am with liquid lipsticks that I just had to go ahead and get two. They only had two colours one in an orangey colour and the other a dark maroon/brown colour. stay tuned for a full review and swatches on these.

NUXE- Reve De Miel Cleanser- 10 credits:


This is a soap-free make-up remover and cleanser with Honey and Sunflower cleanses, soothes and removes make-up in one go – whilst being kind to your skin. This product retails for £14.50-200ml and I didn’t receive a full size of the product. I’ve heard soo many good things about this brand and really just wanted to try it for myself.

Love Me Beauty- Silver Bracelet With Arrowhead Detail- 10 credits:

DSCN0766.jpgI had 10 credits left by this time as I spent 40 only on the liquid lipsticks alone. I decide to look at some of their accessories and chose this one which I thought was really nice and simple and easy to stack with other bracelets. However it doesn’t mention the actual retail price as its from their own brand.

Overall I liked this subscription box and think its great value for money considering the liquid lipsticks retail for about £13 and I got two full size ones whilst paying only £10 for the subscription. I also liked how you could pick what you’d like to try. However unlike birch box its not a surprise when opening it. However I would definitely recommend you all to try it the only downfall being that they don’t have a huge variety of products to pick from but other then that it was great and I love all the things I received. If you would like me to do more posts on different subscription boxes like this let me know by commenting below.

Happy Reading !

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February Favourites 


DSCN0711.JPGHi guys, today’s post is on my February favourites.This month I must admit I never really tried many new products but instead went back to some of my old favourites. I thought I’d switch it up this month by sharing not only my favourite products but other favourites like music and food so let’s get on with it. 

Batiste XXL volume dry shampoo:

Batiste in general is a great dry shampoo one of the best if I must say. It’s great for those days when you just don’t have time to wash your hair but need to get rid of that excess oil from your scalp. This product does just that with one added extra- it gives your hair a crazy amount of volume , 2in1 IT dosent get better then that. 

Collection 2000 clear mascara: 

I bought this I couple of weeks backs to give it a try but this product as a mascara just didn’t cut it for me. However one day I came up with a great idea just after running out of my brow gel that maybe I could use this as a brow gel. And can I just say this product is better as a clear brow gel then a clear mascara. It’s so quick and easy to use to keep your brow hairs in place. 

Avon clay mask: 

I read up some where that clay masks are great at keeping skin intact and preventing breakouts so ofcourse I had to go ahead and try it. I absolutely love the way it makes my skin feel after really smooth, fresh and clean. 

Makeup revolution highlighter-pink lights: 

This highlighter is amaaaaazing and is crazy pigmented all I’m gonna say is if you haven’t tried it you don’t know what you’re missing. 

Makeup revolution nail polish: 

I actually got this nail polish from my makeup revolution advent calendar. It’s a beautiful nude shade with a hint of purple and I’ve been wearing it none stop recently. 

Peanut butter cookie dough bites:

This really intrigued me when I saw this and I just had to try it. I believe it’s American but it’s just soo addicting once you eat one you won’t stop until you’ve finished the box.

Robinsons squash’d- apple and black current:

You may have heard of this squash on the go but I’ve been loving it recently and have been obsessed with drinking it pretty much most of February. I’ve been trying to use this as an alternate to fizzy drinks and it’s a great way to add flavour to water on the go. 

Music : 

Last but not least music. In February I definatly was obsessed with listening to Rihanna due to the fact her new album was released my favourite song being work ft drake. 

Happy Reading ! 

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Dainty Details

DSCN0633.pngdainty details.jpg

Hi guys,  

Hope you all had a lovely weekend despite the fact that they go wayyyy too quick. So since getting back to college things have been a bit crazy and I haven’t been able to post 3 times a week so I might have to reduce it to posting twice a week on both a Sunday and Wednesday. 

Anyway today I wanted to share with you some of my favourite dainty peices of jewelry. Although I am a fan of statement peices ecspecially statement necklaces I do like to appreciate my more dainty elegant peices. Some of my favourites are : 

Dainty layered necklaces- i love layered necklaces ecspecially gold ones. One of my favourite is from h&m I love how it gives the effect of wearing two separate necklaces one actually it’s only one. 

Small rings/ midi rings : I have always been obsessed with wearing multiple midi rings and rings which have small rhinestone on them as they look so elegant 

Hand chains: I actually don’t own many hand chains but the few that I do I love. With hand chains you can either go with the really glitzy ones which are covered in diamonds or the simple chain ones which I personally prefer as they add a nice touch to your outfit. My favourite one is from topshop which has a lovely blue stone on it. 

Earrings: Last but not least earrings. I love wearing simple yet elegant earnings ecspecially those with a simple diamond on it. 

Their you have it some of my dainty favourites which you can view in the pictured above. Let me know on the comments if you would like to see my statement peices favourites. 

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Happy Reading ! 


Night out ootd


Hi Guys,

So about a week ago I went out with a couple of my friends to a lovely Turkish restaurant as it was one of their birthdays. For the night I wanted to dress some what smart and put together but not too overdressed either. I opted for a black lace/net blazer paired with a grey short sleeved turtle neck. As for bottoms I originally was going to wear it with a pair of black jeans but felt it made the outfit look a bit dull , so of course I went for the white jeans instead because who doesn’t love a pop of white in their outfit. after I sorted out the main part of the outfit it was a lot easier to find things like accessories to match although I wanted to keep it pretty simple again. I went for a white and gold Michael Kors watch, white clutch bag and nude heels. Voila !

Blazer: Next

Top and Heels: Primark

Jeans and bag: Boohoo

Watch: Michael Kors

Happy Reading!

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Everyday Bag Essentials 👜👛🎒

DSCN0618 (2)

Hi guys,

Firstly I want to apologise for not posting following my usual routine of posting 3 times a week, I’ve been a bit MIA recently.  Today I’m back with a post that is quite popular in both the  blogger and YouTube community and which is commonly known as ‘what’s in my bag’ I must admit that I enjoyed writing this post and it also gave me an excuse to clean out my bag which is usually filled with old receipts and wrappers 😁. However every time I swap between bags there are only a few things that make it through to the next bag or in other words my bag essentials.

  1. My phone – I must admit that this is probably the first thing I check I have when I leave the house.
  2. My Wallet
  3. My Headphones and IPod
  4. Hand sanitizer
  5. Lip Balm
  6. Gum or mints
  7. Perfume/ deodorant
  8. Hand cream
  9. The lipstick/ lip colour I’m wearing  that day
  10. A mirror
  11. Sunglasses (only in the summer of course)
  12. My house keys

There you have it some of my bag essentials, what are some of your bag essentials.

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